L&D’s Playbook for the Digital Age

Develop a New L&D Playbook to Successfully Navigate Technological Change

L&D’s Playbook for the Digital Age by Brandon Carson

Book Contributors

Jeremy Bailenson

Jeremy is founding director of Stanford University’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab and a co-founder of Strivr, an immersive learning platform company. In the book, Jeremy discusses the use of VR in an experiential learning strategy.

Serena Gonsalves-Fersch

Serena is the Head of Talent for SoftwareONE’s Academy, a Fellow of the Learning and Performance Institute, and also a doctoral candidate at Middlesex University. Serena lays out a practical step-by-step for creating a learning analytics strategy.

Michael Hruska

Michael is a technologist and design thinking (DT) practitioner with experiences spanning across standards, emerging technologies, learning, and science. He discusses aligning organizational competency to job functions.

Elizabeth Lembke

Elizabeth is Chief Talent Navigator at Transforming Talent, a global and virtually active consultancy specializing in people and culture solutions. Liz shares her strategies for human-centered talent sourcing in the digital age.

Michelle Lentz

Michelle is a recognized leader in learning strategy, virtual live facilitation and production, as well as technical writing. She is an expert in human capital management and leading distributed teams. She often speaks at industry events about topics related to the future of work. She discusses the advantages of distributed work in the book.

Derek Mitchell

Derek spent many years as an analyst outside L&D, focusing on using data to identify opportunities in behavior which reduced cost or increased revenue. Derek outlines a strategy for creating balanced scorecards for L&D.

Suzanne Mulder

Suzanne is the Head of Learning for the Data Division at Bloomberg. Suzanne discusses the critical reskilling imperative almost every company is faced with and how to formulate an actionable strategy to address the need.

Cher Murphy

Cher is an anthropologist, an organizational development practitioner, and a reticulist. Her work is the intersection of what’s possible for individuals and organizations. Cher discusses the CLO’s role in talent acquisition.

Matthew Richter

Matthew is the president of The Thiagi Group. He is a facilitator, game designer, instructional designer, and management consultant. In the book, Matthew discusses the 9 Leader Development Imperatives for the digital age.

Vinod Uniyal

Vinod is the chief technology officer for talent development at IBM. Vinod advises on digital transformation and learning and skills transformation in technology areas that include AI, blockchain, and the cloud to help create a culture of continuous learning and exponential skilling.

Laetitia Vitaud

Laetitia writes and speaks about the future of work and HR. She’s authored three books and is the chief editor of Welcome to the Jungle, a media platform focused on improving talent acquisition for global companies. Laetitia examines the impact the digital age is having on the workforce.

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Join other learning professionals in an interactive, all-virtual workshop to learn how to formulate a modern short- and long-term learning strategy based on evolving business needs in the digital age.

In partnership with Dr. Michael Allen’s Allen Academy and HR.com, Brandon has designed this workshop to help today’s learning professionals transform their learning practice for the digital age.

What is This Workshop About?

The workshop focuses on providing a development program targeted to both current learning leaders and those aspiring to take on the role of leading a corporate learning organization.

The workshop also provides an opportunity for participants to grow their professional network by connecting to like-minded learning professionals to learn and share as well as advance personal growth.

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  • Identify the critical business problems the digital age presents and how L&D should address them.
  • Learn how to build a flexible, adaptive strategy playbook to proactively meet the performance needs of the digital age.
  • Learn what a digital L&D team really is and what capabilities you need to deliver digital learning strategies.

Benefits Include:

Each participant will create their own learning playbook focused on their individual situation.

Five (5) weekly meetings, plus a check-in session to work interactively with the cohort and Mr. Carson.

Upon successful completion, you'll have widely-recognized digital credentials through Credly that represent your skills.

A Certificate of Completion with Recertification Codes


Additional resources that offer more insight into the impact the digital age is having on our world of work.